Virgo Weekly Horoscope

12.11 — 18.11


A wave of positive energy could sweep through your home and enable your family to feel more optimistic. This is due to lucky Jupiter moving through Sagittarius for some months. You might have the urge to move to a new home, remodel, or make your current place bigger.

Thoughts of adding to your family could also be on your mind, whether you’re considering having a child or adopting a pet. Either or both could bring you great happiness.

As delectable Venus forges ahead in your personal money zone, a financial or cash-flow issue could resolve, leaving you feeling much richer. Plus, if there’s something you’ve been saving for, now might be the time you decide to purchase it.

Thoughtful Mercury, your ruling planet, goes into reverse in your home zone on Friday, so it might be a good idea to prepare everything for Thanksgiving and the holiday season well in advance.