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If you’re convinced that you’re right about a fact or issue, how far are you willing to take it? It’s admirable to defend your position, but you should stop short of getting into any power struggles. Someone might have something up their sleeve, and you can’t afford to lose any ground to them even if they gain it by cheating. Refuse to get down in the dirt with someone else. You’ll only end up getting dirty yourself. This battle isn’t worth it.

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    cherine.Kemm Says:

    Thks very good thoughts.
    Very true,

    Emotions of last few weeks.

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    Theresa Bonds Says:

    Thanks again for the reading mine my special month April, Thanks for that…

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    Emilia Chiser Says:

    Thank you. My day beames better after reading your words!☺

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    Emilia Chiser Says:

    Thank you. My day becames better after reading your words!☺

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