Taurus Horoscope 2019 – Yearly Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope 2019

You will have to remember everything: once given promises, deferred questions. The rhythm of life will be very intense – do not reduce the momentum and even plan a rest active. Do not be afraid to take risks and pay more attention to career issues. Personal life is now wait. Control the issue of expenses in the family – your partner can commit rash spending. The first half of the year is unfavorable for travel.
Taurus Horoscope 2019 - Yearly Horoscope

Personal relationships and Love

The first months of the year at Taurus flow relatively calmly. But in the spring there will be unexpected problems with his soulmate. Reciprocal reproaches and distrust take root radically in your relationship. During this period you need patience and endurance. Do not succumb to questionable illusions and jealousy for your half, most likely it will be the fruit of your imagination. The horoscope advises to bet on the complementarity and arm yourself with a positive, then your efforts will pay off with interest. In the summer of Taurus will be headlong into the romance and love. Fortune will visit the lonely representatives of this sign, new romantic relationships will bring a lot of impressions. Take advantage of this opportunity while Jupiter is in your sign, because by the fall it will leave you.

Career and Money

Do not rush to the embodiment of long-cherished plans. Now unfavorable period for this. Special attention should be paid to the innovative aspects of your professional activity. This can bring more profit than the old fashioned action. At the beginning of the year, you don’t have to rest, you’ll have to call a hand. Due to the passage of Jupiter through your sign, some Aries can expect to climb the career ladder. If someone planned to change the place of work, the horoscope does not advise doing this right now. In the second half of the year there is a real chaos in your affairs. The financial sector will be extremely unstable. Aries should enlist the support of more competent and reputable people. The second half of the year will be influenced by the heavy and melancholic planet Saturn. There is a high probability of aggravation of disagreements and conflict situations in the professional sphere.


The reason for your well-being can be optimistic and positive. Do not abuse the physically active recreation, it is better to stick to the golden mean. At the beginning of the year there is a high chance of injury, do not overdo it. In the summer you can enjoy good tone and positive energy.

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