Scorpio Horoscope 2019 – Yearly Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope 2019

Things will go pretty tight, with all sorts of delays and pauses. Think of this period as the need to look around, analyze the situation, gain strength before a new jump. Good time to change the image. There is a chance to establish a personal life – only the initiative must be taken into its own hands.

Scorpio Horoscope 2019 - Yearly Horoscope

Personal relationships and Love

In the first half of the year, Scorpio will be ruled by an influential and heavy Saturn. Because of his influence, long-forgotten insults, unpleasant memories and distrust of his partner will emerge. Jealousy will enter into your life and settle down firmly. Pull yourself together, your suspicions may be unfounded. Saturn will test your relationship for strength. It is worth looking at yourself from the side, to what you have come. Pay more attention to your passion, trust and patience will help you smooth out all the roughness of the relationship. The same, Scorpios, who have planned to celebrate their wedding this year, try to make it until the autumn. Lonely and single representatives of this sign will enjoy new romantic meetings and pleasant memories. In the second half of the year, the discomfort associated with the difficulty of mutual understanding will not allow you to fully enjoy your relationship. Try to translate into a joke all your negative traits, namely, baseless jealousy, past offenses. Make a compromise with your partner and show wisdom in relationships.

Career and Money

Being in your Saturn sign will have a favorable effect on your financial condition. Now is the best time to change the profession or implement long-standing and ambitious plans. The only thing that can upset you is the attitude towards new responsibilities, do not despair, show your diplomacy and consult with your colleagues. Scorpions employed in business will successfully negotiate with foreign partners, and will also be pleased with new lucrative deals. Only hardworking representatives of the mark in full will be able to enjoy the result of their work. Take care of the advice, trust better on your experience. Great dedication will be required from those Scorpions who are engaged in the medical field and engaged in natural sciences. You will have to perform not only complex duties, but to test strength of will. This year you can handle even the most intense and tedious work.


This year Scorpios will enjoy excellent health. All year you will work with full dedication, so you should take care of your rest in advance to prevent overwork. Pay attention to the teeth, they can let you down. Visit the dentist in time. In the psycho-emotional plan, the year will be very disturbing, monitor your condition. Balance your food, drink more fluids.

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