Nostradamus Predictions for the 2018

Nostradamus Predictions for the 2018

Nostradamus Predictions for the 2018

Predictions for the future, including the predictions of Nostradamus for 2018, still worry the inhabitants of the planet Earth. And the famous Frenchman most accurately reproduced the upcoming events, encrypting them in small poems – quatrains. Despite the fact that the quatrains do not have specific dates, the names of states and cities, and the quatrains are filled with allegories, experts were able to establish the places for the development of upcoming events in the world.

In the Year of the Yellow Dog the prophet foretells the prolonged rains in Europe. Countries that are most threatened by floods are Britain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary.

On the contrary, unprecedented heat will befall the states of Asia. From such a cataclysm their inhabitants will rush to the northern states.
The massive aspiration of immigrants to European countries, including Russia, will also occur after the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria or Iraq against civilians.

In the Middle East a new hotbed of war will emerge, which will take many lives. Originated in the Asian vastness of the conflict, the actions of European leaders will be transferred to other states.

The problem of peace or war will also be solved on the basis of clashes between the nationalities of the Islamic and Christian faiths. And then the Third World War threatens to emerge from the shadow.

USA Nostradamus predicts problems not only in the economy, but also in other life spheres. Conflicting relations of the American state with the rest of the countries, including European ones, will be established.

But the main disagreement will happen between the US and the PRC. The result will be a weakening of the position of the United States, and China with powerful economic opportunities will take the lead.

Efforts of the PRC Union with the Russian Federation will weaken the US dollar. World currency of the US currency will be pressed by the Chinese yuan.

The positive fact of 2018 is the beginning of mankind’s exploration of the World Ocean, at the bottom of which whole cities will subsequently emerge.

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