Edgar Cayce Predictions for the 2018

Edgar Cayce Predictions for the 2018

Edgar Cayce Predictions for the 2018

For the first time, an unusual Casey’s talent appeared at the age of nine. During the school lesson, the boy entered a state called trance. Being practically in a coma, about which nothing seemed to guess, Edgar could not, for obvious reasons, answer the teacher’s question, for which he was ridiculed by classmates.

As the predictor has had “misfires” with exact dates, it’s hard to be 100% confident in Casey’s prediction of dates. That is why attention should be paid more to details and events, rather than to time frames.

According to Edgar Casey, climate change is expected soon, and it will be so sharp that for some people this circumstance may seem like a real catastrophe. In the winter of 2018, Casey predicted America heavy snowfalls, which had not yet been seen in these latitudes. Frosts will be so strong that in typical American houses with thin walls and an abundance of windows it will not be easy to warm up.

Casey also talked about such things, which today seem incredible: by the end of next year, lessons will be taught in schools to teach telepathy.
And after 10 years or so, the world will not need telephones and other means of communication – everyone will communicate at the mental level, virtually every person will learn telepathic skills.

In addition to telepathy, there are other equally astonishing predictions in Casey’s predictions: very soon humanity will replace ordinary travel to other cities and countries by traveling to other dimensions.

In 2018, a small boy from Kentucky is destined to find in one of the rocks the legendary sword Excalibur, which, according to legend, belonged to King Arthur. And this boy, becoming a man, will be an honest and strong political leader.

The most important prediction for 2018 for the whole world is the return to the mortal land of Jesus Christ. According to the seer, the Savior will appear in the image of a nine-year-old boy who will heal sick people with just a touch.

The news of the good things that the boy will create will spread far beyond his monastery – Central America. A blessed future awaits the little Christ, he is recognized by absolutely all the churches of the world.

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