Baba Vanga Predictions for the 2018

Baba Vanga Predictions for the 2018

Baba Vanga Predictions for the 2018

Vanga’s predictions for 2018 are studied by many people. Some people worry about them, others inspired with hope.

Let’s find out what the world-famous blind prophetess foretold and what should we expect next year.

If you believe in the prediction of Vanga, the ecology on the whole planet will undergo changes, and not for the better. It is expected that episodes of earthquakes, frequent eruptions of volcanoes, and floods in the nearby countries to the oceans and seas will lead to real disasters.

Vanga’s prophecy says: in the next five years our native planet will be preparing to change its orbit. It is this factor that will serve as the main cause of multiple natural disasters that will flare up here and there, around the world.

The prophetess’s forecast is not very comforting, especially in the prediction that quite a few countries will suffer greatly from the “whims” of nature. Vanga portended the restoration of the planet to its original appearance. According to her words, the process will be completed closer to the year 3000.

The invention of the “elixir of youth”

To hope that scientists will discover the secret of eternal youth now seems absolutely pointless. But it is worth remembering that science is moving forward. Much, of what was a fantasy a few decades ago, now belongs to the category of ordinary things. Therefore, if in 2018 such an elixir or some other method of combating the aging process is really invented, then it will be necessary to be surprised only to those who do not believe in the power of science and progress.

A new type of fuel

It is this question that becomes very burning in the course of modern history. The resources of our planet are so exhausted that the Earth can no longer provide for the needs of all the people living on it to the full. In order to balance this imbalance, to move to a new level in the energy industry, most of the modern countries of the world will switch to the use of a new, hitherto unknown fuel that will enable many states to solve the energy issue at the lowest cost.

A new mode of transport

This innovation comes from the second point in the list of Vanga’s predictions for 2018. A more advanced type of fuel will force scientists and engineers to design a different mode of transport that will meet the needs of the modern world, and it will become much more economical, faster and safer not only for people, but also for the environment.

Natural disasters

Unfortunately, predictions of the famous Bulgarian clairvoyant in 2018, touch upon the theme of natural disasters. Vanga said that this side of reality can change the face of many cities and even some countries. Mankind has long exploited the Earth, that’s why many of processes occurring on it have changed. The weather and the environment have become more aggressive, which will entail a number of natural disasters, which many countries will have to face with.

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