Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Tiger

Chinese Horoscope for Tiger: April 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Tiger


April is all about dreaming. With yang increasing, you can feel heavy unless you learn how to recuperate after a long day. Rather than remaining hyper and glitchy, enjoy some time in darkness. Even if you aren’t going to bed, attempt to remain still in darkness. If you can spend a quarter of your time in darkness, you may be able to get yourself together and finally rest.

Try to remember your dreams this month. You’re looking to get fed in April and dreams are exactly where your food is coming from. Try some nighttime tinctures, valerian root, mugwort, or CBD. You might even want to get a humidifier and turn it on when you snooze. Get a lamp and don’t use overhead lights right before you sleep. You want to make the prospect of bedtime as appealing to yourself as possible.

Don’t sweat the other stuff. If you feel blocked creatively or romantically, don’t even worry about it right away. There’s no reason why you have to be good at everything all of the time. Just get hunker down in April so that you have the energy to deal with all of that stuff later. Work and life are lifelong pursuits and you always have more time later, when the stars encourage you to be more active.

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