Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Tiger

Chinese Horoscope for Tiger: June 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Tiger


If you feel frozen in place because of the uncertainty of the world right now, know you’re not alone. There are many different things happening in your world, on both a macro and micro level. You’re not going to be able to respond to all of these things at once. It may be helpful to connect to friends during this time.

Even if you feel alienated these days, you’re not alone, Imagine yourself rooted and strong—particularly because it’s eclipse season in the solstice signs. The solstice signs do not support you, Tiger. Even though the eclipses aren’t easy, they challenge you in the right ways. They want you to break out of the assumption that you must betray the world in order to gain authenticity. You don’t need to lose yourself in order to become part of the world.

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