Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Snake

Chinese Horoscope for Snake: August 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Snake


For Dragon natives, the I Ching hexagram for August is wind above wind (57). A magical invisible hand guides you this month. You may see signs in pairs of numbers, snippets of songs, lines from movies or even visits from animals will bring messages.

The full moon on August 3 brings some new activity from an old flame. Someone you know from your past may return with an opportunity for a little romance. If you’re single, the timing could be great.

Between August 10 and August 15, you may feel compelled to deal with paperwork or even go paperless. This could mean scanning and shredding boxes and boxes of stuff. While you are in the process of this, keep your eyes open and you will find several things you’ve been searching for.

The new moon on August 18 boosts your aura for a week or so. You’re receiving compliments on your smile and demeanor. You may be receiving invitations to end-of-summer events. All in all, your social calendar is full.

If you’re traveling during the end of the month, there could be some delays. Flights could be rerouted or canceled entirely. Try to be flexible, especially if you’re heading home.

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