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Chinese Horoscope for Rooster: April 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Rooster


April can either help you or hurt you. It can also do both. With the sun opposing you in the sign of the spring equinox, your fall equinox stuff feels a bit awkward and like a fish out of water. What this means is that you’re the type who prefers to digest things with other people. You’re full of curiosity about relationships, you like to let some time fall between something and you voicing your opinion of it, and you find strength in aligning yourself with others—not against them. Spring is more of a personally active time and people either want to fight or they want to get it on like bunnies. You might feel a little overwhelmed with all the tension, sexual or otherwise.

Try not to occupy the role of mediator in all of this. If you do, you’ll be endlessly mediating between fast crushes and petty disputes that don’t seem like they can stop coming up. Instead, let yourself spend some time alone in April. Find a great fantasy/sci-fi novel that you’ve been meaning to read, go to the park, and explore some neighborhood haunts by yourself. You’ll feel good with new energy in your life.

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