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Chinese Horoscope for Rat: April 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Rat


In 2020, April and October are the hardest months for you. This is because you’re a solstice sign and April is an equinox month. April will be harder than October, since yang increases in the spring while yin decreases. You’re an all yin type of sign.

You might feel overshadowed. Maybe you start to feel frustrated about the ways in which certain individuals continue to talk over you, take your ideas without giving you credit, and leave you out of group emails at work. Maybe your romantic partner gets busy with other commitments. With yin dissipating, you can feel a little melancholic—as if you, yourself, are disappearing.

If you resist, you might feel endlessly frustrated. Don’t focus all of your attention on people who hold you back at work. You’d just be falling into their trap. Instead, treat them like a boulder and just walk around them. If loved ones seem to be spacing on hanging out with you, let them have a little time away and watch to see if they start to miss you. Life wants to give you a break from being “on” all the time. Just take it.

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