Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Rat

Chinese Horoscope for Rat: July 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Rat


Your I Ching hexagram for July is thunder over earth (16). This indicates that bold action helps you achieve long-term goals. But only move forward when you have a sound plan. It would be good to involve others to help you along the way.

July 5 brings a lunar eclipse to your area of career. As you have been sensing, there may be some changes going on in your company. Now, consider taking the action necessary to do what you wanted to do for a long time. Perhaps you wish to start a business or move into a different industry. It would be helpful to have support from your family. Sit down and talk this over with your significant other and see what support you receive. Listen to them, as they may have other ideas you can use.

July 20 marks the new moon and happiness at home returns. For Rat natives who are dating, this could mean moving in with your sweetheart. Family members may be coming together to send an older child off to school.

Over the next week, there could be a financial hiccup when a large annual bill comes due. But an additional source of income could be available to you soon.

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