Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit

Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit: September 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit


The month begins with the hexagram of mountain below water (39). Here, you gather your strength to push through obstacles in your path. You’ve been aware of these blocks for some time and now you have the insight and support to flow past them.

September 1 begins the month with the full moon in your house of education. Getting kids ready for classes may look different than you expected. Changes are happening day by day. If you’re going back to school yourself, it would be good to get into some sort of study routine as quickly as possible.

Around September 9, sensitive Rabbit natives notice the energy switching directions. Your supervisor may change your current project or want you on a new project entirely. A new job opportunity may be delayed for a few weeks.

The new moon comes in on September 17, and for the next 2 weeks, there’s a lot of activity around the neighborhood. You may have more interaction with neighbors, as someone may be moving in or moving out. A friendship could begin with a neighbor just a few doors down. It’s good to have open communication with your neighbors, as you can find some very supportive people living close by.

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