Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit

Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit: July 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit


Your month begins on the hexagram of earth beneath heaven (12). In a career matter, now comes a waiting game. You’ve done everything you can and presently, patience is required. Allow things to unfold at the speed they need. There’s nothing you can do to rush this energy.

July 5 brings the lunar eclipse and some interesting changes to your relationship. Suddenly, a person who was giving you the cold shoulder now seems quite interested. And while you may be wanting to jump in, this is a good time to just wait and see what happens. There may be a temporary infatuation on both sides.

As the month continues, on July 12, you feel more confident about tackling a problem at work. Your supervisors are quite pleased when you take the reins. In fact, you can excel at leading this meeting.

The new moon happens on July 20 and you’re wishing for a little break. You may not have had many days off over the last few months and you’re now overdue. It’s not an option to pursue much travel, but you’re quite comfortable at home. You can catch up on your rest and your favorite TV shows.

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