Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Pig

Chinese Horoscope for Pig: June 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Pig


Are you tired of being someone’s else’s workhorse? Think of the causes that you sacrifice your labor, your health, and your time for. If these causes are taking over your life, then you’re overworking.

The eclipses on June 5 and June 2t in the solstice signs want you to take another look at your patterns of labor. If you’re always choosing the hard route because you think that it’s the only option, then you are also choosing your own destiny. Magic lives within the shortcuts and the easier choices. This is only locks you into a power imbalance.

Go for the easier routes, look for the path between the trees, and, when you can, always go downhill. Do not choose labor simply because you think you deserve self-punishment. Don’t martyr yourself through labor.

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