Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Pig

Chinese Horoscope for Pig: October 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Pig


Your I Ching hexagram for this month is mountain over wind (18). Something in your life needs analysis. It’s time to sift through the details with a fine-tooth comb. See which things don’t fit and remove what’s broken.

October 1 brings the full moon, lighting up your house of finances. As you focus more attention on where your money is going, you stumble on opportunities to bring in more cash. This is a good time to work on a written budget and bring the family on board with your financial plans for the future.

The new moon occurs on October 16 in your house of intimacy. A friendship can suddenly turn romantic and become a new love interest for you. You may be surprised at how quickly all of this unfolds. You may be walking on clouds for the next few weeks.

October 31, traditionally a magical day, brings the extraordinary blue moon and a surprising conversation could turn your world upside down. This could be a proposal of some sort, brought to you by a friend. It may be exactly what you’ve been wishing for. Sit down, work out the details, and see what you can create together.

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