Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Pig

Chinese Horoscope for Pig: April 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Pig


Spring equinox is here! And it’s good to you—mostly because it opens up new worlds that you’re ready to receive. We’ve been stuck in such a slow-moving time of life all winter and your sign, being the most yin-dominant of them all, craves a bit of acceleration by now. Finally, folks are here to give you the shove you might need. This month, you’re like that kid who’s scared to jump into the swimming pool but really wants someone to help them out. April is that trickster friend who gives you a great push on the back.

You have good balancing energy this month. Because you work at your own pace, you don’t get into the headrush that spring equinox sometimes makes people get into. You’re not here to panic. You’re just here to get your own shit done without freaking out about it. When work projects and social plans start to pile up in April, you can lean on that part of you a bit.

All you have to do in April is hold your own ground. Use your sense of humor to remind the people around you that they don’t have to run in order to get somewhere. When folks start feeling competitive, remind them that growing is not a competition. No one likes living in a rat race but people like being around you.

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