Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Ox

Chinese Horoscope for Ox: October 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Ox


The month begins with the hexagram of heaven over thunder (25). Time for patience, Ox native. A realignment must be made and you need to take an indirect path to achieve your goal. Watch for new avenues that open up.

The month begins on October 1 with the full moon in your area of spirituality. Your intuition is strong—so much so that you may receive a message and a new way of looking at your life. Old, outdated rules are falling away as you feel yourself guided to a new spiritual or academic path. This is a breakthrough.

The new moon comes on October 16 bringing with it a work opportunity for Ox natives. You may be able to get a great recommendation from a previous supervisor. Time to update your resume. Doors are opening for you.

The mystical blue moon occurs on October 31, lighting up your house of money and prosperity. Today’s an extraordinary day for releasing money blocks and obstacles. Resolve to manage your money carefully and to save a little more than usual. In the evening, let go of money blocks by writing them on pieces of toilet paper and flushing them away.

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