Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Ox

Chinese Horoscope for Ox: August 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Ox


Your I Ching hexagram for August is fire over fire (30). This is pure synergetic energy. By working with others, you can far exceed what you would normally do on your own. Cooperation is a must this month.

August 3 brings the full moon along with a lot of activity at home. You seem to be climbing the walls—perhaps because the normal August routine is not quite what it used to be. But this is a good time to start new traditions—especially with things you can do outdoors such as swimming, gardening, or building a treehouse in the yard.

Ox natives will have a lot of energy for getting things done between August 10 and August 15. This is good for completing screenplays, ambitious marketing plans, or testing for professional licenses such as a Home Inspector Certification.

Some harmony returns home and you can have peaceful days and nights around the new moon on August 18. And you may have a visit from a favorite relative.

Then, the month comes to an end, bringing an issue regarding school for yourself or one of your kids. There may be incomplete paperwork or something could be missing. You may be searching to find something that was lost.

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