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Chinese Horoscope for Monkey: April 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Monkey


Okay, honestly, April might be a bit harder on you than for most. The spring equinox is about celebrating all that life is made up of and you’re not the celebratory sort—you’re the analytical sort. Spring equinox is about laying out all of your heart’s desires right there in the open and you’re the type who likes to keep some things about yourself in the dark. Spring is a challenge to your very nature.

The visibility of spring is hard for some people. Getting ready for hot girl summer can feel triggering. What if you don’t want your body to be visible for all out there to see? What if you’re still learning your body and your gender identity? What if you don’t want anyone else to interpret you for you?

If people pay you compliments that you’re not ready to accept, try to not dodge them by deflecting them or by analyzing them. Mistrusting those who see the good in you and analyzing why a person might tell you a nice thing is a mistrust of your own virtues. There’s no reason you have to draw out the moment of self-doubt that a bit of visibility can trigger in you. Instead, try to spend time around the people who you trust to compliment you well.

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