Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Horse

Chinese Horoscope for Horse: August 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Horse


August begins with the hexagram of fire over water (64). You’re like a marathoner, reaching the last kilometer of the full marathon. The finish line is in sight. Look at what can be completed this month and put your attention on finishing up the last steps.

The full moon comes on August 3 and, socially, you’re a hot ticket now. Friends and acquaintances are reaching out to you, including a person you haven’t heard from in years. For Horse natives, a great connection can happen now.

From August 10 to August 15, there’s a lot of activity at home. Someone may be moving in temporarily. This may mean rearranging lots of stuff and uprooting your daily routine in order to accommodate.

August 18 brings the new moon. You may have a sudden desire to upgrade your phone or laptop. With just the click of a mouse, you have something new. Of course, setting up and learning how to use the new device takes much more time. Set some time aside to get up to speed on this new technology.

At the end of the month, it’s possible that something breaks down—and it’s not cheap. This could be a refrigerator, air conditioner, or something of that ilk. These things happen. Just take a breath and arrange for a new one.

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