Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Horse

Chinese Horoscope for Horse: April 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Horse


There are two months this year that could be more challenging for you: April and October—with April being a little better than October. The equinox this month contrasts with the solstice energy that makes up your sign.

You might feel pushed into things before you’re ready to take them on—maybe someone you’ve been happy to spend time with wants more from you than you’re quite ready to provide. Maybe work starts to get especially hectic. The good thing about this month is that people see your potential, even if you might not notice it yourself. If you prefer to diminish yourself, you might deny that this potential exists at all and chalk any praise that you receive up to a fundamental misunderstanding.

Your reluctance to tackle certain projects or relationships might come from your gut instinct and experience that the types of projects you’re being pushed into aren’t really up your alley. It’s possible that you might break some hearts or make some mistakes at work in April. Just keep in mind that the most important thing, the thing that April wants you to do, is the simple act of trying something new. If you’ve got to fail, then fail in a way that breaks expectations rather than fulfilling them.

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