Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Horse

Chinese Horoscope for Horse: January 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Horse


The month of January begins with the hexagram of mountain over earth (23), indicating that it’s time to pause and assess the results of recent actions or decisions. It’s not that the road ahead is blocked, it’s just washed out entirely. To go forward is now is decidedly the wrong direction. It’s best to remain calm and quiet for a little while and allow the Universe to speak to you. This month make no rash decisions.

The new moon is on January 12, highlighting home and family for Horse natives. This could mean that you are redecorating, decluttering, or that someone is moving in. It may feel a little chaotic at first, but things are happy at home again in less than two weeks.

On January 28, there’s a full moon, and on January 30, Mercury goes retrograde. There is a focus on children over the next two weeks. Older children may be telling you about a new relationship or perhaps announcing a pregnancy. Younger children may be asking for a pet… something bigger than a goldfish. It feels like you’re coming out of a difficult time and beginning to walk in the sunshine (even though it be snowing where you are).

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