Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Goat

Chinese Horoscope for Goat: April 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Goat


You’re getting a recharge now that it’s the spring equinox! Remember, now that the new moon is in the sign of the Rabbit, all of your self-care activities should be focused around your own core. Both you and rabbits are grass-eaters, so you feed one another quite well. It’s simply time to feel good, look good, and dress in some funny costumes. You can finally go outside again. It’s time to play!

Go swimming. Join a dance class. Find a writing class. Go to the farmer’s market and eat fresh tomatoes. Enjoy your dog. Fall in love. Find your new favorite book at the local library. Campaign for your favorite candidate. Go to the spa with your friends. Cook a new recipe with your mom. Try a new eyeliner style and feel good all day wearing it. Make your own clothes with pride.

You’re not getting ready for hot girl summer—you’re getting ready for hot you summer. Remember that you’re capable of doing anything if you truly believe that you look hot while doing it. Re-invent “hotness” so that you can wear it with pride and not shame. Feel strong and fun. You’re beautiful this month and you know it. You can do whatever you like with that knowledge.

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