Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Goat

Chinese Horoscope for Goat: July 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Goat


For Goat natives, July begins with the hexagram of wind beneath fire (50). Those who are in positions of authority can be helpful now. As you focus on your goals, people around you open doors.

Towards the beginning of the month on July 5, there is a lunar eclipse. This signals a point of change. You are faced with a big decision and it’s difficult to see what the outcome would be with the different options available to you. If you’re thinking about transferring or changing jobs, energy is positive for moving forward at this time. Staying put might feel stable, but it could bring stagnation.

On July 13 (and continuing for a few days), paperwork or agreements you’ve been waiting for start to come through. In fact, you may find an old message in your inbox but somehow don’t see it until now.

July 20 has the new moon bringing positive energy to an issue around education. You may get an acceptance letter or perhaps some positive exam results. This could also mean that your kids are excitedly getting ready for school next month, even if classes start out online.

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