Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Dog

Chinese Horoscope for Dog: October 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Dog


The month of October begins with the hexagram of water under lake (47). Sometimes, to be heard and understood, you need to repeat yourself. You may need to express your feelings in different ways. This month, you have the people’s attention. They hear you, but they may not comprehend.

October 1 brings the full moon, lighting up your house of contracts and agreements. You may receive a contract you’ve been waiting for. And while it may not be perfect, time is of the essence—so, look for a win on both sides as you do last-minute negotiations.

The new moon occurs on October 16 in your area of education. There can be some assistance from a teacher or tutor to help you through difficult subjects like math or a foreign language. For those Dog natives who are not in school, you may be asked to teach a coworker or a group something you know.

October 31 brings the magical, mystical blue moon lighting up your area of home and family. A sudden change creates the potential for future harmony in your dwelling. You could be securing a new home at a great price, finding an excellent roommate, or perhaps moving out for the first time.

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