Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Dog

Chinese Horoscope for Dog: August 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Dog


For Dog natives, the month begins with the I Ching hexagram of thunder over mountain (62). Now is the time to give attention to details. Avoid glossing over important points or lumping things together. This month, do things with the greatest of care, sincerity, and consciousness.

You may howl in the light at the full moon on August 3 as it brings positive relationship energy. If you’re looking for love, consider uploading your profile to some great online dating sites and start to swipe your way to love.

From August 10 to August 15 issues, with a neighbor could bring some irritation. Steer clear of any of the usual arguments you might have with this person—especially around parking or border fences.

August 18 brings the new moon and you are knocked off your feet by compliments and admiration from a special person in your life. You have always held this person’s opinion in high esteem and now they are showing that they believe in you.

Towards the end of the month, you may find some trouble sleeping. There might be noise in the neighborhood or perhaps the bedroom temperature isn’t conducive to rest. Consider earplugs and a fan to get good sleep.

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