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Chinese Horoscope for Dog: April 2020

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Chinese Horoscope for Dog


Spring equinox is about meeting new people, going to new places that always seemed too far to go to in the winter, and finding new ways to stretch your limbs. But what if you’re one of the slowest moving signs and not in the mood to rush directly to your destination? What if you don’t want to meet new people and, being a loyal dog, like your old friends just fine? What if you’d rather sit and nap at home rather than stretch?

Spring equinox isn’t the best time for you. You might feel a little out of sync with everyone else. You might feel like all your friends want to do these superficial things that you don’t want to do but end up with a sense of FOMO if you simply don’t go. Spring can really bring out some of your own insecurities.

Meander at your own pace if you have to. You’ll only become naturally friendly towards someone if you feel like they’re not a threat to your existing relationships. If your best friend develops a bit of a friend crush on someone else, force yourself to process your own jealousy first before you throw hands and words. Process at your own pace, prioritize your own mental health above all else, and let discomfort disturb you in the right ways. Nothing will erupt as long as you measure your own energy consistently and practice good self-care.

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