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With commitment-focused asteroid Juno headed direct in outgoing Sagittarius on August 2, your time is best spent on finding that important balance between maintaining your connections with others and the rest of the things you have on your to-do list. Remember, though, that the more you invest in friendships and romantic partnerships, the more they pay off.

There’s an exciting new moon in fire sign Leo on the eighth that encourages you to put on your crown and act like the royalty that you are. Your friendly attitude makes others want to be near you, so making new friends is easy. You’re also a huge drama magnet now, which makes you the target of unwanted gossip. Hold your head high no matter what people are saying about you.

Loving Venus leaves practical Virgo for harmonious Libra on August 16, sending off a peaceful and balanced vibe you can really get into. If you’ve been missing someone you had a falling out with, this is the time to patch things up and rebuild your relationship. Don’t be afraid to reach out first.

You’re ready to get a little weird during the Aquarius full moon on the twenty-second, so get ready to explore new and maybe even uncomfortable scenarios. This offbeat lunation encourages you to let your inner rebel loose!

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