Aquarius Horoscope 2019 – Yearly Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope 2019

There will be many desires, and few opportunities for their implementation. So look for a point of contact. On career success can not count. Fate will give you a chance to correct some mistakes from the past. Disagreements in your personal life can be easily smoothed, more often agreeing with your half.

Aquarius Horoscope 2019 - Yearly Horoscope

Personal relationships and Love

The first half of the year for Aquarius is not entirely successful in terms of dating and romantic moods. Family members of the mark will deal mainly with domestic problems of the family. Good time for traveling with the whole family. For those Aquarius, whose couples are not quite stable, they can mature conflicts and mutual misunderstandings. If you value this relationship do not make serious decisions at least until the end of the summer. Relationships that have outlived themselves will suffer a period of failure and failure, which can negatively affect the emotional state. I will be ready to fall for couples who have managed to survive the difficult part of the year, they may consider that they have passed the test of strength. Gradually, the clouds will disperse over their heads and the sun will shine for you again. Lucky lonely Aquarius with a new acquaintance, it is precisely in the fall that it is likely to acquire his second half.

Career and Money

A pleasant rise in the professional field awaits Aquarius in the first half of the year. The praise of leadership and the respect of colleagues, compensates for the failures that you have encountered in your personal life. Some representatives of the sign expects to climb the career ladder. Now is a good opportunity to start building bold and long-term plans for the future. Many new attractive and promising vacancies are opening up, and the inevitability of choice may provoke fatigue. The intrigues of competitors may not permanently unbalance you. In any case, try to keep calm. Success in a career can lift you up and inspire you, and you will not notice how your competitors will begin to step on your heels. The second half of 2019 calls you to control your emotions, provocations are possible from partners. No one will appreciate your rightness and the “truth of the womb.” To achieve goals successfully, keep cool.


This year in terms of health Aquarius will not be disturbed. Fatigue and overwork can affect the eyes and cause headaches. Increase the vegetable ration and drink more water. Plan your weekends, walking and massage will help you to avoid nervous overloads. At the end of the year, colds are possible, do not neglect preventive measures.

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